Saturday, September 4, 2010

Technology's Promise

Halal, in his book discussed the best forecast data ever assembled, covering the entire span of technological innovation. One of these technological innovation I found during my reviewing to the Technology’s Promise by (Halal, 2008) is Star Travel. His discussion is about the maturing of Artificial Intelligent and robotics about 2020 for unmanned space mission. I think traveling to the space for regular people will be started in the nearest future while traveling to the stars will take place later than 2020. Halal claim “Although NASA’s central role may seem to contradict the trend toward private space ventures, it may be that the Moon and Mars will then become more easily available for private enterprise. Now, Virgin Galactic project is very close to Moon trip in near future”.
Halal’s discussion about space traveling is become true. Sir Richard Branson has unveiled his Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, the world’s first commercial spacecraft, paving the way for thousands of tourists to travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Sir Richard teamed up with renowned aviation designer Burt Rutan to build the spacecraft, which has been five years in the making. The vessel’s maiden voyage, which could happen as early as 2011. The SpaceShipTwo can carry six passengers and two pilots. Supprisly, there are 300 clients have already paid the $200,000 ticket or put down a deposit for a seat. My point is the show how close Halal’s claim about the star travel to the reality. Sir Richard said the journey will be "100 per cent safe". I hope travelling to the star will happen in my time and I hope I would have money and time to do travel to the space.

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Halal, W.E. (2008). Technologies Promise: Expert Knowledge on the Transformation of Business and Society. Hampshire, Great Britain: Palgrave McMillan

Sir Richard Branson unveils world's first commercial spacecraft. Retirved on September 04, 2010 at

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